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Have you ever dated someone that you really liked but knew wasn’t good for you? When you try to break it off with that person they keep making efforts to stay around? This, my friend, is what I call girlfriend/ boyfriend poison!  After watching the last two weeks of Jersey Shore (I draw my inspiration from everywhere), I noticed that Sammi is girlfriend poison. She has all the issues in the relationship then dumps the issues on the one she loves. Then when Ronnie tries to break it off, she keeps coming back even though she knows, and he knows, they are not good together. I’m pretty sure we have dated someone who is considered poisonous. These people are selfish emotional leaches who only think about their emotional gain, but never consider their partners emotions loss.  Just like poison, these people slowly or quickly affect your emotional happiness.

How to know the person you are dating is poisonous:

  • After spending time with this person you feel emotionally drained and often unhappy
  • Your relationship always has a great deal of highs and lows.  You will have a lot of good times as well as a lot of bad times
  • You’re always breaking up to make up only to break up again
  • When things are bad, they are really bad. Sometimes arguments are so heated they get physical
  • When you get back together, they swear things will be different but rarely are
  • This person  is often very possessive of you
  • They always questions your loyalty to them and are not very trusting

I’m going to be honest, all the drama you are going through with this person is NOT worth it. In a relationship, you should feel pleased and should not feel drained and miserable. The person who is poisonous has a lot of issue of their own that need to be resolved on their own. By being with this person you are not helping them nor are you gaining anything. In fact, you are losing your sanity, joy, and self respect. I know it might be hard but you have to leave this person alone until they can resolve all of their own issues and taking a two month break is not resolving anything.