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So I randomly went to buy sushi at my favorite little market called Balducci’s when a psychic came up to me and gave me her card. So of course, I brushed it off. She told me she saw great things in my future and I have strong energy. She says that’s she saw me walk in to the store and really wants to give me a reading, so much that she offered me a 50% discount to do it at the store.  Lucky for me, and unlucky for her, I didn’t have enough cash to pay her. Then she encouraged me to call her because she had great things to tell me. As, I’m waiting in line she waits behind me. When I finish my purchase she said that she really wants to sit down with me and talk and she will do it for free. I couldn’t resist and said ok. She proceeds to talk to me about my life and was dead on about EVERYTHING. I won’t go into detail about everything, but she did mention my love life. She said all my life I have wanted to be loved and I never got the love I wanted…true! Then she says there are two men in my life, one good, one bad. One is my soul mate and will help me discover my true potential and the other one is bad and is no good for me.  Let me start by saying I don’t get to excited when people talk about my love life, that’s how much hope I have lost.  Then I thought, who are these two men?!  I can speculate who they are, but I can honestly say I’m not 100% sure who they are. Now I’m all confused! I guess that just means that I will need to meet with her again. I can honestly say I am anxious to meet with her again to find out more!  I will keep you updated!

Have a good weekend!