I have decided to give dating a break…humpf! Ok, so I was having fun with dating different guys and going out on 2-3 days a week, but I got bored. Don’t get me wrong, dating can be an exciting adventure. But after so many dates and none of them leading anywhere, I decided to take a hiatus from dating. Every day I go back in forth with being single. I enjoy it…yes but it does get lonely every now and then. I must say that I really enjoy sleeping in my big king bed alone. I’ve been having the best sleep of my life in the past month. I also enjoy all the “me time” that I have been getting.  When I get lonely, I make plans with my friends and I always have a good time. I also don’t miss all the drama.  I don’t have to worry about bickering and dissagreements, what he’s thinking, and what’s taking him so long to respond to my text message. Now I can rot my brain away with mindless yet interesting television shows like Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club.

All my friends have higher hopes than I do. They keep encouraging me that I will find love and quote things like “love will come when you’re not looking for it.” Trust me, I’ve tried looking for it, not looking for it, running from it, and running towards it…and STILL no luck.  One of the things that I realize is that there is not a lot of “my type” of men in the DMV. Which means I’ve resorted to dating men that were not my type. I’ve also noticed when guys approach me and ask for my number they either tend to be crazy, have the weirdest expectations, or they are looking for a sex buddy. No thank you, ill pass.

Which leaves me thinking, where do I go from here? I guess for now, I’m going to soak my skin in the single sun and enjoy. I know eventually I will get back out there to tread in the dating waters and see who bites.