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Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying the truth hurts. Well, does it really?  What hurts more:  someone telling you the truth and being honest with you or someone lying to your face telling you they are being honest only for you to find out they were lying to you all along? Personally, I am going to have to go with lying is far more devastating that telling the truth. I would rather hear the truth than a lie. Whether you are telling the truth about a bogus idea that I have, the dress I’m wearing, or if you just don’t like me.  Some people can’t handle the truth, and for them I feel bad. 

If you ask a question, you should always be prepared for someone to give you an honest answer. If you are the type to get mad when you hear the truth, don’t ask! Don’t ask someone if you look fat in a dress, if you don’t want to hear the honest truth. Sure, it is easily to offend when you tell someone the truth, that’s undeniable. But what’s worse: you wearing a dress thinking you look great but you look horrible or someone telling you that you look awful when you ask and you avoid wearing  the dress. Hmmm…not a really hard question to answer.

One of my favorite quotes would be “honesty is the best policy.” I don’t know who said it, but it’s pure genius! When you are honest with people, you have nothing to hide, meaning nothing will come back and bite you in the ass down the road. Isn’t that a great feeling? How many people do you know that have lied to their partner or lied to their boss and the person being lied to eventually found out the truth? I’m going to guess it didn’t really end well.  How many politicians lie about their past, and it comes back bite them resulting in the loss of their job and public humiliation. I guess, they thought by lying, it would cover things up forever…WRONG!

The truth helps you to deal with things or issues. If someone tells you the truth, let’s say about your personality, it gives you an opportunity to work on the problem. But if people continuously lie to you about your personality, you will never be able to correct the problem.  Again, the truth is always better. If someone who is close to you cannot tell you the truth or fails to tell you the truth, then you might want to question the way they really feel about you.