One thing that most people don’t know or fail to realize is that you set the tone in the relationship from the very beginning. How you let someone treat you in the beginning is how they will continue to treat you during the relationship.  Some people are willing to accept being treated a certain way in the beginning, usually because they really like that person, hoping that things will get better as time progresses. WRONG!  The behavior usually stays the same or gets worse as time progresses.  Stop it right now! Ladies, if you let a man treat you like a booty call, the relationship will never evolve into something serious. Fellas, If you let a woman walk all over you she will never take you seriously and continue to do so until you end the relationship. When you first meet someone, they should treat you with the integrity.  If you let a person get away with treating you less than you deserve, you can expect the treatment to continue.

Signs you are not being treated the way you deserve:

Tells you one thing, but does another– As I’ve said multiple times, actions speak louder than words. If a person really like you or loves you, you should know by how they treat you not only because they tell you.

Makes Time– We all have needs that need to be met and when you are with someone your needs should never take the back seat. If you need time and attention, be with someone who can give it to you.  Of course, things come up where that person might not be able to give you all the attention that you may need, but that person should at least making an effort. We all have to remember that there are 24 hours in a day and the person you are with has 5 minutes to spare every now and then throughout those 24 hours to check in on you and simply say hello or I’m busy but I was just thinking about you. 

I’m a person too– The person that you are with should always show you respect and treat you like a human being, not an object they can manipulate or control.

No Boundaries– This person is always contacting you at random times asking you for favors, money, “bedroom time”, etc but  are conveniently unavailable when you ask them for a favor.  You are nobody’s personal ATM, taxi cab, or sex machine and chances are you are being used.

Effort– You end up being the person making most of the effort to keep in touch. Communication is a two way street, you can’t hold a phone conversation with no one on the other end right? Both people should be making an equal effort to stay in touch with each other.

When you give most people an inch, they will usually take a mile.  If a person says or does something that makes you feel less than what you are worth, speak up! There is nothing wrong with putting your foot down and letting that person know how you would like to be treated, especially in the beginning. If they continue on with the behavior, move on. We are all adults, and we should know the right and wrong way to treat someone. If you are not sure of the way you deserve to be treated, you might need to reexamine your self esteem. Know your worth! A king or queen wouldn’t accept being treated any other way, and neither should you.