Since when did dating become a game?  There are so many do’s, don’ts , when, and when nots  that most people feel out of the loop when it comes to going on dates. This questioned popped in my head as I was watching one of my favorite shows Single Ladies that comes on VH1. I have to admit it; sometimes dating can be a game. When you meet someone you are always putting you best foot forward and you show the person that you’re dating what you have to offer, whether it be your great personality, your winning smile, or your worldly outlook on life. One thing you have to realize about games is that there is always a winning and a losing side. The trick to dating is how to know which side you are on with the person you are dating and that can be the hardest part.


Time– They always makes time for you. Even if they are busy they will make time to return a phone call or a text in a timely manner.

Caring– This person will ask you questions and genuinely care about how you feel and will give you positive feedback and encouragement when needed.

No Rush– Ever met someone who is in a rush to jump your bones? Well this person is not. They will wait when you are ready and respect you. No pressure needed.

Meet the Fockers– They want you to meet their friends and if they really like you they will introduce you to their family.

Honesty – This person will not be afraid to tell you how they feel about you.

Like you for you– They like you for your and want you to change things about yourself. They appreciate your individuality and what you have to offer them.


No Time– Chances are this person made time for you in the beginning, but all of a sudden has no time to return your text, call, and email or doesn’t even return them at all.  You never feel like a priority.

RESPECT – They don’t treat you with any or respect your boundaries and wishes.  Most people, including your friends, consider this person to be a bit of an ass hole.  

Booty Call– Getting this person to take you out on a date is hard, but they have no problem texting you after hours to see you want to come over for some bedtime fun.

Tell Me Lies– This person will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want from you.

Closed Book – They don’t to share a lot of information about themselves which includes their personal life and their feelings.

Changes– This person is always focused on what you need to change about yourself and are non supportive.

After it is all said and done, if you know what you are looking for dating shouldn’t be a hard game to play.  If two people legitimately like each other, both parties will know by expressing how they feel about one another through their words and actions, but mainly through their actions. How a person treats you is usually how they feel towards you. I am always the first to say, actions speak louder the words.  Anyone can tell you anything. If a person tells you they like you but only calls you when they want something or treats you bad, that person really doesn’t truly like you. Sorry.  I’ve seen so many people get wrapped up in promises that they can’t see they are being mistreated. Be smart and courteous. Never be afraid to tell someone that you are or aren’t feeling them.