There are just too many “crazy” people who are trying to get into relationships these days. When I use the word crazy, I’m referring to people who choose to date or enter into a relationship when they have unresolved issues from the past.  You might not know what has gone on in the past, but all you get is the aftermath. We have all dated a person or have friends who have told us horror stories of their crazy ex.  Here are signs to help you figure out if the person you are dating might be crazy:

Flipper– These people will flip out over the smallest things that could have easily been solved by a simple conversation. These people are rarely understanding and no matter what you say or what your reason is for not calling or canceling a date last minute will never be good enough for them. Chances are they will hold your mistakes over your head for a long time.

Drama King/Queen-These are people who love drama. They always like to keep drama going and don’t feel complete without it. These people love to start drama if there is none just to watch it unfold. How do you know you are dating a drama/king or queen? They will most likely try to start an argument with you about something silly and try to add fuel to their argument by not being totally honest about things they’ve heard or seen.

Non Trusting Timmy– I am just going to say this, trust is a huge part of a relationship. If you don’t have trust you might as not enter in or be in a relationship. If you have dated someone who has trust issues, you know that you will constantly have to prove yourself to this person when it’s not necessary. Why waste your time reiterating the fact that you are trustworthy. You know it and the person you are with should know it to. If they don’t, keep it moving.

Insecure Sally– These people are insecure about themselves and their lives and will try to make you feel insecure too. These people love to make you feel low because they feel low.

Who’s who– This person always wants to know who you’re with, what time you got there, what time you’re leaving, and how come you didn’t call them every step of the way. This person is both non-trusting and insecure. No one wants to feel like they are 15 and out on a date with their parent. With all the questions, you will feel more like you are being interrogated instead of loved.

The Over Communicator– These are the people who want you to have your fingers glued to the phone. When you hang up with them, they will text you, Facebook or tweet you. They send you multiple texts until they get a response and get mad when you don’t respond to their phone call or text right away.  You will be exhausted just trying to keep up with all this persons technological demands.

Stalker– This is the person who shows up unannounced. They know where you are going to be and decide to show up to “check up” on you.  Usually it’s to make sure you are not with another guy/girl or to make sure you are where you say you are going to be.

Clinger– This person wants to be with you 24/7. They want you to spend time with them and only them. If you have friends, you might as well kiss them goodbye because this person wants to monopolize all of your time. When you finally get a chance break away, they don’t understand why and almost make you feel bad for wanting to leave them for a few hours to do things for yourself.

 If you are considering taking your relationship to the next level with someone you think may be crazy, I would suggest think long and hard. These people require a lot of time and effort and most likely will end up leaving you exhausted and confused.  If you are already in a relationship with a person like this, I would suggest doing a reevaluation of your situation. As you may be able to tell, a lot of these signs have to do with trust issues or insecurities. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that they have some sort of issues that they need to resolve before they can be the person you need. I am not saying that they are a bad person, just not the person you want to be with during this particular time.   If you choose to stay with a person who exhibits some of these signs, good luck and don’t say I didn’t warn you.