I have very mixed feelings about this day. Just because you are a man and made a baby doesn’t mean that we are entitled to celebrate you on this day. Anyone can be a dad, but it takes a REAL MAN to be a father. There are a lot of men who spread their seed around but choose not to be a real father. A father to me is someone who is always there for their child(ren), emotionally, physically, and financially. No matter what the situation is with the mother, a father will make time for his child(ren) to be there and spend time with his kids and help them to grow to be responsible adults. I always give credit to mothers on this day as well because I feel like most mothers are both mothers and father to their children. Most mother’s step in on areas where fathers lack and show unconditional love to their children no matter what the circumstance. There are very few men who I consider fathers, and to those men I commend you. Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are really fathers and to all the mothers who have to do the work of both parents. You are truly appreciated and loved 🙂