For the most part, I have been single most of my life.  I know what it feels like to be in a good, bad and a non relationship.  I can honestly say that you can be happy being single. I mean who wouldn’t be. You have your freedom to do whatever without anyone hounding you. You can keep your place the way you like it (I like to keep my cabinet doors open, annoying to most, I know!). But no one is happy 100% of the time being single. Eventually you will start to miss having that someone next to you when you wake up and sharing special moments with that someone you care about.  Being single has its pluses and minuses. Last night I was brainstorming about being single and all the stages you go through while being single. I came up with 5 and here there are:

Recovery– Not everyone goes through this stage. But this is the stage you experience when you break up with your significant other. The people who usually go through this stage are people who have just ended a long relationship, went through a bad break up, or ended a bad relationship. This is the time used to recover from all of your hurt.

Realization– This stage is usually short lived. This is after you have recovered but are not yet quite ready to jump back into the singles lane. You have finally realized that you are single and you have come to grips with it.

Happy– This is probably the best stage of being single. You are ok with being single and you are enjoying every last minute of it. You enjoy hanging out with your friends and well, doing whatever you damn well please.

Searching– This is the phase where you are over your ex and you are ready to get back in the dating game.  You are still enjoying being single but you are open to dating again and finding that special someone

Desperate- This is the stage where you have been dating for a while but you have yet to find that special someone.  You are ready to settle down but there is no one who caught your eye. By now you have lowered your standards to find someone and are willing to settle.

There is no right or wrong amount of time to stay in each stage.   Depending on a past experience, it makes time for you to transition from one stage to another.