While on twitter, I read a quote by @TheDailyLove that reads “Sometimes for your heart to be open to love it has to be broken by love. It’s a gift in disguise”.  That’s a pretty bold statement. Let me start by saying, a person’s heart is not like an encased fire extinguisher that reads “Break Glass To Open”. A heart is delicate and emotional part of us that can easily be broken. As a person who has had their heart crushed, let me just be the first to say it is not that easy to recover from. When a heart gets broken it can alter ones whole perception on life, love and trust. The once whole heart that could easily trust someone, was loving, and caring is now a broken heart that is no longer good for anything but hate and anger. Some people never recover from a broken heart. For some, it can open up new possibilities and help them to grow stronger, and help them learn from their mistakes. For others, a broken heart can turn the person cold, introverted, hateful, spiteful, judgmental, and unwilling to ever open it up to another again. A hurt heart is similar to the heart of someone who is grieving a loss; some can recover from it smoothly while others can be utterly devastated by it. For the people who learn and grow from a broken heart, great! I’m not going to tell you to have your heart broken to be able to open it up to other possibilities. But I will say be smart and listen to it. So many people deny what’s in their heart, that intuition feeling they get, because they are hoping for the best.  They keep hoping and denying what is in their heart only to find out they should have trusted their heart all along.  Let me just share one thing with you, love is an uncontrolled emotion. So many people try to control it, and fail when they do. You can’t control falling in love, but you can be smart about it. You can’t control someone loving you, but you can be smart about it. You can’t control or maintain love with another person, but you can be smart about it.  Perfect example, you can love a guy with your entire heart but you can’t make him return that love to you. But you can be smart about it by observing his behavior towards you to see if the feeling in mutual.

One thing I do want to say if you have ever had your heart broken, don’t let that deter you from opening it up again. I’ve seen so many people who are so hurt and angry that they hate everyone of the opposite sex and refuse to give someone else a chance. All that’s going to do is leave you lonely and bitter. A broken heart takes time to heal, and give it as much time you need to let it heal. I’ve been heartbroken, but I know deep down inside I want to find the one too and I know I will never find the one by sulking. One thing I can say is that I’ve learned from my heart break. I’ve learned that I keep dating the same kind of guy and that’s why I keep getting the same kind of results. I’ve learned what I need from a relationship, what I am willing or not willing to accept from one and the kind of person I need to start looking for. I’ve turned something negative into something positive, and I suggest you do the same  

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