Cheating, has been a problem plaguing relationships for hundreds of years.  No one knows what makes people cheat.  Scientist have linked cheating to the DNA.  Heck, people have even created television shows and websites dedicated to exposing cheaters.  It is my opinion that there are two reasons why people cheat; lack of self control and unhappiness.   Everyone has their own reason for cheating but just because they have a reason doesn’t make it an acceptable behavior. In all actuality, there is no reason to cheat.  If you are unhappy in a relationship, leave! If you can’t control your lust, don’t get into a relationship! It’s really that simple.  The one thing about cheating is that it is a malicious cycle that affects not only the person that you are cheating on but everyone who that person touches and might touch in the future.  For example: If you are a married man with children and you cheat on your wife, not only are you hurting your wife, you are hurting anyone that she may enter into a relationship with and you are also hurting your children.  Your children will be conditioned to think that cheating is ok and either accept cheating from a partner or end up being a cheater. Don’t believe me, here are some “confessions” from male cheaters who have confessed to cheating on their wives. 

Not only are you hurting someone when you cheat, you are putting them at risk. If you are a cheater and your partner trusts you and you two aren’t using protection, you run the risk of exposing your partner to STDs and other things that come along with having sex outside of your relationship.

I know we have all heard that saying “cheaters never prosper” but it is true, they don’t. If you are a cheater or have cheated, stop.  I know it’s easier said than done but seek help. You might be getting your needs satisfied by cheating but in the process you are hurting the person/people that you love.  Besides hurting someone, you also have your health the health of your partners to worry about. We are not living in the 1950’s were the only thing we have to worry about is syphilis. And news flash condoms do not protect against everything, it is possible to still get STDs even if you use a condom.

If you have problems with cheating, seek help. There has to be a reason why you are cheating on your partner. By seeking help via counseling and/or reading self-help books you can uncover the reason why you feel the need to go outside of your relationship. If you suspect your partner is cheating, here are some tips to help confirm your suspicions.