After having a disappointing week with 3 people who I consider my good “friends,” it made me think. Why do all my “good” friendships end up the same way?  I am a go getter, and when I put my mind to it I do my best to make it happen.   I would consider myself an “achievers.” If you read my blog, you will understand that I try to live my life to the fullest, I have had a bucket list since I was 16 and because I’m young, I don’t plan on waiting until I’m 65 to accomplish my goals. But on the contrary, a lot of people I know aren’t like that. They talk about what they want to do but put other things before their desires and/or wants. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just don’t operate that way.

One thing I realized is that when you are doing better than people or you are accomplishing things they only talk about, their once happiness for you develops into hate/jealousy.  I’ve noticed that most of the friends I let close to me are “underachiever.”  They just don’t have the same drive an ambition that I have. Again, everyone is different and because they are an underachiever doesn’t make them a bad person or less of a person.  I am an equal opportunist and I feel like I should give people a chance especially if we get along well and have similar interest. Even though that is great, it’s not the best way to pick your friends. You should find yourself befriending people who are doing equally the same and/or better than you so you can strive to achieve bigger and better things.  Befriending people who are doing the same or less than you will most likely end up with stagnant results.  For instance, if you are a good person but keep befriending trouble makers, eventually you will get into trouble with them even though you are a good person.

The lesson of my story is that when befriending someone, they should be doing the same things as you, have the same mind-set as you, and you both should have similar interest and goals if you would like a long lasting healthy friendship with someone who respects you, you trust and will genuinely be happy for your and supportive of your goals in interest. The good thing about choosing your friends is that YOU are in control of the people YOU let into YOUR circle. Life is too short to keep “friends” around that cause you nothing but stress, are untrustworthy, and are nothing but true to you.