I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What is 30?? Being 28 you start to think what lies ahead and what happens once you leave your 20s behind.  I just got back from South Beach… And after dancing until 430am and staying up until 730am, I wondered, is this acceptable behavior of a 30 year old? Of course, to each his/her own, whatever floats your boat, and if it makes you happy all apply. At what age should I throw in the partying and club towel in the trash? I guess a better question would be what is acceptable behavior for women in their 30s?

I don’t want to be that 45 year old lady still going out and partying, but I don’t want to be that boring 45 year old woman who takes up knitting while watching over her 3 kids and taking care of her husband either. So how do you balance the two? So many questions, so little answers.  I really think it’s all what you want. There are a lot of women my age who are close to 30 but don’t want to have children or don’t want to get married. So they enjoy going out and dancing and having a great time. But then there are women like me, who do want the house, kids, and husband but at the time don’t have it so want to enjoy their freedom.


Maybe being almost 30 I need to branch out more, instead of going out 2-3 nights a week, maybe I should pick up a hobby or an activity that gets me out of the house, that’s fun, but is in a different setting. Basically somewhere other than the bar/club.  I can still go out into social settings and have a great time, for instance going to a wine festival or registering for an art or dance class. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to welcome the new age bracket, but I do think as you grow older you should be maturing and exploring life. Let’s face it, if everyone still had the same mentality and outlook on life as they did in their 20’s people would be accomplishing less and satisfied with mediocre. Most people would be satisfied with their jobs (not careers), living with their roommates, and having fun. Which actually doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea, lol. Ok ok, that was my 20s speaking.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you should enjoy your life no matter your age, but as you age there is always room for growth and prosperity. I know when I am 50 I damn sure don’t want to be in the same place as I was in my 20s. I want to have grown more knowledgeable, achieved more success, made more money, and have purchased that beach house that I’ve been wanting since I was 5. Yes, 5! What’s the purpose of life if you have nothing to show for it but a vintage Lady Gaga T shirt, some pictures, and stories that start with “when I was 25…”?