We have all heard those song about how men want to make it rain right? So I really started analyzing what that means. It’s more than a guy throwing money at you. My “make it rain” means make them work for you. Guys will do whatever it takes to have you and if they don’t, they are not worth your time or energy. My favorite line is “you want to see some ass, I want to see some cash. Make it Rain” Ok, we can all look at that as meaning if you want to have sex with me, show me money. But I look at it as that meaning if you want to be with me you need to work for it. It doesn’t necessarily mean in a monetary sense, it more means give me your time and prove your worth. Now a days, I feel like guys want you to meet them half way or more. HELL NO! If you meet them half way you are giving away your power and he already knows what he can expect from you and what you are willing to give, which means you are never really setting the boundary in the beginning. If he calls and you come running, you are not letting him “work for you”. Which means you are setting yourself up for relationship failure and to be used by him in the future. If you meet a guy, make him prove that he is worthy of getting to know you because he has obviously expressed the interest by getting your phone number of initiating contact with you. As you get to know the guy and learn his intentions with you, depending on what his intentions are, that’s when you know when you can give more of yourself. But if you give all of yourself before you know what he really wants from you, that’s an automatic fail.

I feel like too many women come running as soon as he calls and wonder why they end up getting hurt or they have been with the guys for months and he won’t commit. If you don’t make him work for you, he will always take you for granted. For example, this guy texts me and asked me if I wanted to hang out with him, I said sure if you want to come to where I live and all of a sudden he started hesitating. He was cool with me going to see him and hanging out but as soon as I flipped the script he hesitated. In the end, we ended up not hanging out because he wanted me to make all the effort when he wanted to hang out. Again, if he calls and you come running you are losing the power that you have.

I feel like our generation has lost the mentality that our grandparents once had. Just think when our grandparents were courting the man made all the effort. He courted her, asked her out, took her out on dates, met her family, respected her, her values and her curfew. He proved to her why he was a good man for her. The farther a man is willing to go to prove to you that he is a good man, the more worthy he is of your time and energy. I’m not saying be cold to him until he proves that he’s worthy, I’m jut saying don’t give so much of yourself before you know he’s worthy. If you are romantically interested in a guy he should “make it rain.” And if he’s not “making it rain” then you already know that he either not that into you or he only wants one thing from you.

Just as a disclaimer this blog is more for my single women who are dating, hopefully if you are married your man should be “making it rain”.