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After speaking with a friend, I realized there are 3 parts to a relationship; the physical, emotional, and financial. I am pretty sure you are thinking there are many more parts of a relationship, but many of those parts fall under each one of the categories mentioned above. For this reason I will break each category down so you can get a better understanding for each part.

The physical side of a relationship includes attraction and sexual satisfaction. This category is self explanatory. Are you attracted to your partner? Does your partner satisfy you in the bedroom? Overall, this tends to be the least important category in a relationship. Some people tend to over look this category if the other two categories are being fulfilled. It really all depends on the person, the goal is to find out what your needs are. If you have to be attracted or sex is important to you, this category will probably be at the top of your list. But be careful, many people fall in love with the physical and realize, when it’s too late, that the other two sides of the relationship aren’t being met. The physical side of the relationship tends to be the “trouble seeker” in relationships for that reason. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that people tend to confuse love and lust. So just make sure you aren’t in lust with your partner but in love with them.

The emotional side of a relationship refers to communications, emotional support, loving, and caring side of a relationship. Does your partner offer great advice and/or listen and give you constructive feedback when you are having a bad day or a problem arises? If you just lost a love one, is your partner by your side or distant? Does your partner listen to you when you have a great idea, or do they have the mentality “it’s my way or the highway”? Is communication between your partner open and does it flow freely or does your partner avoid communication especially when discussing something serious? Do you feel loved? The emotional category is one of the most important categories of them all. What’s a relationship without the ability to communicate clearly and strong emotional support? Unfortunately, the emotional category tends to be the most neglected in relationships.

The financial side of a relationship refers to monetary needs being fulfilled, the ability to provide, success and/or wealth, and financial responsibility. I feel like this is one of the most complicated categories because everyone’s idea of being financially secure varies from person to person. I included success in this category because success can be needed from a financial standpoint, for example a high income and/or an achievement standpoint, for example earning a degree etc. An achievement doesn’t necessarily have to be tied in with finances but usually it is. Financial responsibility and being able to provide tend to be the most important in this category. You can make all the money in the world but if you spend it recklessly, chances are the money is not going to last long. Being able to provide doesn’t necessarily have to do with the amount of money one makes, it more has to deal with can you provide finically for the family which equates to living comfortably. Living comfortably doesn’t mean making a million dollars a year, it more means do we have enough money to pay our bills and still enjoy life.

Everyone wants and maybe needs the whole pie in their relationship but it again it varies from person to person. Some people are satisfied if just the financial side is being met. Others are happy if it’s the emotional and physical side is being met. There is no right or wrong way; you just have to figure out what is YOUR way. What do you need from a partner to be happy in a relationship? Is it just physical or is it all three or just two out of three? In the end knowing what you want and what your partner is willing to give is one way you can determine if your relationship is going to be successful. If your needs aren’t being met, for whatever reason COMMUNICATE this with your partner!!! Over time people change and their wants and needs become different, some in good ways other in bad ways. Make sure you keep the line of communication open with you partner. If you aren’t happy with an area of your relationship, let your partner know and work with them so that you are both happy and that you remain happy.