Just read an article that raises a good question: Is it ok to date a friend’s ex?
I really think it’s all in how you define ex and how important that ex was to you. I am going to define when it is OK and when it’s NOT OK to date a friend‘s ex.


They just dated- If your friend and her ex only went out on a couple of dates and didn’t work out, then it should be ok to date this ex.

They just had sex or hooked up- Again, this is a sticky situation. Use your own discretion. These days, people have sex with no strings attached. That might be the case with you r friend and his/her ex. What are your intentions with the ex? Are you looking for a meaningful relationship or just a friend with benefits? If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, I suggest taking your time. Don’t hop into bed with the ex and realize it’s not going to work out. If you are looking for a friend with benefits, I suggest passing. There are plenty of fish in the sea to have “benefits” with, so why get sloppy seconds.


Ex Husband/Wife or Baby Momma/Daddy- DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Your friend has a bond with this person whether its years spent together in a marriage or a child(ren). These people should be off limits, don’t even look in their direction unless you really don’t value the friendship you have with you friend…at all.

The word LOVE was used – Again, your friend and ex shared something special with each other…love. When you use the word love, the relationship has been elevated to the next level. Even though it didn’t work out with the two of them, for the most part love isn’t something you get over in a day. You bringing this ex around doesn’t bring up any good memories for your friend or the ex. Chances are if an ex is in this category and seeks you out, they are using you to get back at your friend which means no one wins and you could potentially lose a good friend.

Of course, you should ALWAYS ask your friend if it’s OK to date his/her ex no matter what! You should never just take it upon yourself to date someone’s ex and fail to mention it to them because that makes you look like a bad friend. Also, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Depending on the extent of your friend and his/her ex’s relationship, you might cause damage or end a really good friendship over a guy/gal that you might date once or twice and realize it’s not going to work out. Always make a list of pros and cons before even attempting to date a friend’s ex.